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Lighter poker winning predictor

Is it cool when you came across some predictors who can tell anything that before the things happen? If you have a poker winner predictor, you can be the predictor too. Poker winner predictor selling in our company can be installed in many items, lighter is one of the item.
People like always play their lighter when they are playing poker games, if you also like playing your lighter, it will be a convenient condition for you! Since your friends and other poker player know that you have that habit, they won't suspect anything on your lighter.
Our poker winner predictor is a scanning camera, which can scan the bar code deck on the table and can tell the result after scanning the poker deck. For example, after shuffling the cards and put the cards on the table and put the lighter with scanning camera on an appropriate distance, then the scanning camera in your lighter begin to work and tell your who ranks the first and who ranks the second through an ear plugs. With a winner predictor scanning camera in your lighter, you are the real poker winner predictor.