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Long Distance Clock Poker Scanning Camera

Poker scanning camer work for poker analyzer to scan barcode marked cards are quite popular among the players. And the camera lenses play more important roles in poker cheating field. In terms of the scanning distance of camera lenses, there are long distance camera lens and short camera lenses. Now I will share the clock long distance camera in your longer cheating.
There is no doubt that a long distance camera lens hidden inside a clock, and other players will not find any flaw from the clock. The scanning distance of clock long distance camera can be reach 6 meters, so this advantage is able to meet a longer distance for poker gambling cheat. With powerful reading function, it will scan the barcode marked cards clearly at any angle and read them with 100% accuracy. Together with a poker analyzer, it will finish the cheating smoothly. In the end, you will know the poker results in advance. Any kind of poker analyzers is available for this camera, so you can choose it for your poker analyzer system conveniently.
If you want to buy the clock long distance camera lens for poker games, please contact us for more information. By the way, all the product can be customized here!