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Long Distance Scanner Lens For Various System

This is a long distance camera lens which is suitable for cheating Texas hold’em, Omaha and other kinds of poker games. When apply this long distance camera lens with black box appearance, a poker analyzer, a remote control, a mini earphone and a PC power are needed, and we also supply this whole kit. The black box is a safe cover with a high definition camera lens inside to scan barcode on marked cards quickly and clearly.
The remote controller controls the flexible camera lens so its range could reach to 50cm from six directions(up and down, left and right, front and back). Furthermore, the camera lens could be fit into many kinds of poker analyzers: K30 poker analyzers, K20 poker analyzers, MDA poker analyzers. What's more,  it is quite sensitive to catch the picture when the side marked cards move close to it. So the analzyer can analy the date and return the result quickly and directly.