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Long Scanning Distance Sleeve Clothes Poker Camera

Long sleeve clothes are very common and it can be processed as poker camera with long distance to read barcode marked cards.
With HD playing cards canning camera lenses inside the cuff of the long sleeve clothes, it is too concealable too be discovered by others. What is more, as its high definiteness, it can work well even in dim light. The normal scanning distance of this practical long sleeve clothes poker camera is 20-40 cm, once you turn on this poker camera and let it towards the marked cards, it will read the invisible ink barcode along the marked deck automatically, after collecting the information, it will pass them to poker analyzer to calculate at a high speed.
This magic long distance long Sleeve clothes poker camera can work with various kinds of poker analyzers, like CVK poker analyzer device, AKK poker analyzer system, PK King poker analyzer software, V68 poker winner predictor, MDA poker predictor, poker analyzer Iphone, Samsung poker scanning system and so on. Working this poker camera with barcode marked cards or any kinds of poker analyzer, you can be a soothsayer of playing cards games.