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Longer Scanning Range Poker Analyzer AKK A1

AKK A1 is the newest poker analyzer provided by our company, it has fashion appearance and many color available. It is a HD all-in-one poker analyzer system which has the largest scanning distance and equipped with many leading technologies.
AKK A1 poker winner predictor is got 5 mega-pixel imported image processing chip inside and cooperates with super depth of filed scanning camera, it can settle all the problems such as make false report or misreport during the games. what is more, it not only can read marked cards in 180 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also can report marked decks rotate 360 degrees, that means even you hold it in hand, it also can read and analyze the poker games result in accurate and fast. Besides displaying the games result in image, AKK A1 poker scanner analyzer also can work with one-to-one mini earpiece which has longer using distance and more perfect sound quality and more convenient to manipulate to report the accurate poker games result to poker players.
This powerful AKK A1 poker analyzer device is one of the best choice for you to predict various kinds of poker cards games result, if you want to know more information about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.