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Luminous Glasses With Invisible Ink Kit

"These luminous ink glasses are well made filtered glasses." -Ronald G.
First we brought you the cheapest luminous ink kits online and now we added the cheapest luminous ink readers online! These
luminous ink glasses are custom made to read luminous ink marked cards! If you already have luminous marked cards or our kit,now enjoy the luminous ink glasses! If you are freshly new and need the kit to create marked cards and want to save money buy getting the luminous glasses as well look no further. Note: the Infrared Aviator UV glasses are more stealthy and are completely disguised. The Luminous Ink Glasses are simple luminous ink readers with no disguise. They could be argued as "fashionable" and people may not know that they can read cards.
More convenience we can offer to you, and all the products we have for you can be customeize! Any questions you can feel free to contact with us.