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Luminous Ink Contact Lenses Playing Cards

Marked cards are used widely at cheating poker games, because they are not easy to be found by other poker players. Do you want to try to use the marked cards?
Invisible ink contact lenses will bring your games a lot of help. You can read back marked cards clearly when you wear them inside your eyes. We sell different color of special contact lenses to fit the color of your eyes. For example, the brown-eye contact lenses, the green-eye contact lenses, the brown-eye contact lenses, the grey-eye contact lenses. They are with good quality and will not be found by other poker players. We have processed them by good invisible ink and they are without difference as the regular contact lenses. They can be used to cheat at back marked cards, such as KEM back marked cards, Bicycle back marked cards, Fournier back marked cards, Bee back marked cards.
As the fast development of poker cheating devices, we have launched more and more poker cheating devices. You can buy your suitable product from us ,even made by yourself!