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Luminous Ink Pen Contact Lenses

If you choose luminous ink marked cards in poker games, a good quality luminous ink infrared contact lenses will be your good choice. We use invisible ink on contact lenses that they can help you see different marks on the backsides of marked cards.
Luminous ink pen contact lenses is a creative technology that can be used in Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha or other kinds of poker games. You just need to wear a pair of Luminous ink IR contact lenses and then you could see those invisible ink marks on the backs of each piece of marked deck cards. These infrared marked cards contact lenses have different colors to fit different people eyes. You could choose brown-eye invisible ink contact lenses, green-eye luminous ink pen contact lenses, grey-eye invisible ink pen contact lenses and black-eye marked playing cards contact lenses. They are safe and reliable that other poker players are hard to find the secret. These omnipotent luminous ink pen contact lenses are very soft to wear.
If you want to send your poker cards to us for processing, we could make the best back marked cards to you!