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Invisible ink that can only be seen with special marked cards glasses

We always think that the dream is in the far place, in the future, always feel that life is elsewhere. But we are constantly in doubt and believe that we never feel that life is in the moment.
I have seen many people are talking about dream and life,  but few people talk about faith.
I believe that faith is not a religion, nor is it a great ideal of communism, not legal or universal moral standards of these things.
I am talking about a spiritual power that can believe and look forward to.  Like a poker players, he can live well with infrared marked cards, or like a poker magician, he can live well with marked playing cards contact lenses. This is a spiritual power. In addition, we can also see a playing cards fan, he can live a life only with playing cards scanner reader
and poker analyzer system.
Even friends abandoned, love frustrated, dream disillusioned, it can still give us an inner strong, this power can be the truth and goodness, affection, love, can also be interested in life ideal, as long as it is pure and beautiful in your mind.