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Luminous Ink To Marking Playing Cards

The poker cards have been used in magic tricks for a few hundred years. As the heart to any magic trick, magicians use them to manipulate audience to believe the power of magic because laymen are hard to find any defect from magicians’ action.
The old ways such as marking cards with a red pen, bending corners, or slightly wearing down cards are not mysterious. The newest method used in magic is the use of luminous ink. This kind of way is also applied to poker cheating.
The Luminous Ink method is sweeping the poker cheating industry, which is becoming a primary role in gambling. Luminous ink that is printed on the back of cards is flawless to the naked eyes, which can be read with IR sunglasses or IR contact lenses. The invisible marks on the back of cards stand for different meanings. Suits or values are available for you as you like. Use luminous ink on your poker playing cards for a more successful way of tricking people to win the games easily.
In conclusion, luminous ink which is more advanced product in the world is much better method than the old traditional way of marking cards. Therefore, poker cheating will be changed for the better because others will reveal much less flaws and busts on poker cards with the luminous ink.