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Luminous Invisible Ink Marked Bicycle Cards

No matter you are a poker fan or not, Bicycle playing cards must one of the most impressed poker for you, it is very suitable to used in many occasion, and it is a necessary tool for many poker magicians. There are paper and plastic Bicycle poker cards in market, and marked plastic Bicycle contact lenses marked cards is one of hot sale products in our company.
Adopting specialized professional invisible ink, we could marked no matter red back or blue back Bicycle plastic cards in perfectly, you could see these marks by wearing our luminous invisible ink contact lenses or ultra infrared sunglasses that can see through marked cards. There are many types of marks we could do, such as mark a big font in the middle of the cards back, mark four small fonts on the four sides of cards backs as well as some special markings accordance with special requirement.
Luminous Bicycle marked cards features high quality, durable and washable. It can be used for a long time and can be a helpful device for you to increase odds in poker games.