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GS Luminous IR Contact Lenses Match for Infrared Marked Playing Cards

As a popular marked playing poker cards, luminous infrared marked cards is familiar for almost all the poker cards games players, and as we all know, luminous marked deck poker contact lenses is a useful device to work with IR marked juiced cards.
Cooperating IR contact lenses and marked cards poker, users can read the marked infrared invisible ink playing cards in clear and high privacy in poker magic shows or gambling, and the other players around the user can not see any different from the magic marked cards and the eyes color of contact lenses wearer, as in the processing, the original poker did not hurt and keep their appearance as the original, the corresponding infrared marked deck of cards contact lenses will not change the wearer eyes color, they are so soft and comfortable that they will not hurt the eyes of users.
There are many brands marked cards for sale in our company, Copag luminous marked cards, Fournier marked playing cards, marked Modiano cards poker, Bicycle juiced poker cards, BEE contact lenses playing cards, Aviator invisible ink poker deck cards, KEM marked deck of poker cards and other brands ultra luminous marked-cards, they all can match for various kinds of ultimate infrared contact lenses suitable for different eye color of different people.