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Luminous Marked Decks Predictor Analyzer Software

The device will help you know information regarding any playing card from the deck, its transmission being made wireless, directly in a micro earphone. By purchasing this system, you have full control over the deck of playing cards used for your magic trick, while also maintaining the highest level of privacy, since you don’t need a magician’s assistant. You can use this system by yourself, without another person’s help.This system gives you the ability to accurately predict the playing cards from a deck, from first to the last one, one by one, their number and color.
The advantages of this kind of system:
-Only one person is needed.
-A scanning time of 0.1 seconds.
-Maximum mobility.
-There is no need of wires or a laptop.
-Direct transmission from the scanner to the earphone.
-High accuracy of the system.
The whole system includes: the gambling poker predictor, which transmits only the number of marked card ( Iphone, Nokia N86, lighter, ashtray, chip rack etc), remote control, 1 deck of playing cards.