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Magic Cards Powerful Reader Scanner

One of the latest products we offer is the car keys scanning camera. This camera can be installed in your own car keys. Don’t worry, it won’t change their appearance at all. The distance that this type of scanning camera is able to reach vary from 10-20 cm to 40-50 cm. It depends on the size of your car keys. The plus is that the whole system is easily to operate – you can turn the camera on and off by pressing only one button. The system can work up to 3 hours without stopping or recharging.
One of the most popular ways to scan the barcode marked cards is by using the phone scanning cameras. There are so many cell phones that you can use together with that small camera - Nokia, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry – all of these are suitable. We offer you both – short and long distance scanning cameras. The distance between the cards and the camera is chosen manually and can vary a lot – from 10-20 cm to 55-80 cm, and even more.