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Magic CVK 350 Poker Analyzer System for Poker Match

Aiming at meeting customer requirements on poker gamble, we have the functional CVK 350 poker analyzer system which can be a practical poker games soothsayer.
This practical CVK 350 poker analyzer device not only can act as a poker game predictor, it also is a regular cell phone, so it is no need to worry about others will discover its secret. What is more, it is a functional all-in-one scanning system, that means not like normal poker analyzer, it no need to work with another extra scanning camera to read the barcode marking decks. Once the invisible marked playing cards are into the scanning camera lens which inserted into the CVK 350 poker analyzer calculator in advance, it will scan the invisible barcode marked on the edged side of marked deck cards automatically and the poker analyzer center will decode the signal and report the accurate game result to user by mini earpiece effectively. Is it very handy?
We also have other poker analyzer system for sale, all of them are very functional and practical, and can be used in different sorts of poker cards games. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us for more information.