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Magic Marked Cards Games Predictor AKK K5 Poker Hand Analyzer

If you are finding a poker device to increase the odds and predict the poker game results in different places, the magic AKK K5 will be a good choice.
No need to work with an extra poker card reader, AKK K5 is one of the all-in-one poker hand analyzer which has secret built-in HD scanning camera lens, it can read the magic barcode marked cards effectively and give out the accurate poker outcomes for you quickly. Of course, AKK K5 also can work with other wireless poker spy card readers, such as BMW car key poker scanning camera, chip-tray poker scanner, water bottle playing cards scanner or lighter poker cards scanning camera lens as well as others.
Usually, AKK K5 poker analyzer are working with mini Bluetooth earpiece and report the playing cards games result by it in secret and clear. Beside, even if you place AKK K5 poker analyzer device on the position, it also can read work very well.
You can use this AKK K5 poker scanning system in many kinds of poker cards games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Indian games as well as other local poker games.