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Magic Plastic Dealing Shoe Works With PK King S518 Poker Analyzer In Casino

This baccarat dealing shoe poker analyzer is a new type of baccarat dealing shoe which can work with PK King S518 poker analyzer and has faster reporting speed.
How can we make this magic Baccarat poker dealing shoe system to work with PK King S518 poker analyzer system? We can make any kinds of baccarat dealing shoes as your requirement, no matter the sizes of dealing shoe or speed of changing cards or changing the winner.
As for the dealing shoe, we can make different sizes and color of them for you as you required, such as black, white, red and so on, as you just need to tell us how many playing cards you will put into the dealing shoe. And we also can make your own unique dealing shoe as you required.
Beside Baccarat PK King S518 poker analyzer dealing shoe, we also can provide other casino marked cards kit, such as marked playing cards, playing cards scanning camera, remote controller dice, invisible ink pen contact lenses, perspective IR sunglasses.