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Magic red UV contact lenses for seeing invisible ink marked cards

Is this the first time that you heard red UV contact lenses? What is red UV contact lenses? What is the function of red UV contact lenses? Most of people will ask these common questions when the first time they heard this magic contact lenses.

As we all known, ultraviolet light are in a range of application in our lives. Therefore, some marked cards manufacturers generally utilize UV into marked poker industry.

As long as you wearing this magic red UV contact lenses, you will enjoy the invisible ink poker games, because you do not to see the face and you can know the suits and numbers from seeing the backside marked cards. Except the invisible ink poker game, some marked cards suppliers also use UV in other entertainment games, such as rummy and dominos, so this red UV contact lenses also can see through the dominos and rummy.

If you expect a perfect perspective poker game, you just need to send the normal playing cards or dominos to marked cards manufacturers for processing, and wearing red UV contact lenses to see the marks. The role of this red UV contact lenses is to help users understanding the situation on the poker table.