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Magic Remote Control Dice Is Available

The result of dice board games are very changeable, so many people like using some dice device to increase the odds, if you want to have one, our remote control dice is highly recommended.
Our magic remote control dices can help to get the dice point you want freely. The whole products include a dice board, a remote control and several magnetic dices. You can get 1&6, 2&5 or 3&4. When you press the buttons on the remote controller, you could get the dice number you want. The dice board can be installed on the underside of the dice table and also could be inserted inside it. Other people cannot know the secret at all. Besides the remote control dice, we also have x ray dice poker camera and dice cup spy camera. The first one is to help you see the dice number directly and the second one is to help you know the dice number and then you could change them as you want.
Magic remote control dice is an excellent device for you to control the dice games, if you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us immediately.