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Loaded Dice – This method of cheating gets its name from the small weight loaded into the die. When rolled, the weight ensures that the die will land on a certain number. In the days before the proliferation of casinos, this tactic was popular in games of street craps. Of course, getting caught cheating in a back alley could result in a beating or worse.
Some loaded dice may also have rounded edges instead of being pointed. Once again, this is meant to influence the outcome of any roll.
Casinos take numerous steps to avoid loaded dice. For example, each casino die is red and can be seen inside of, which makes the presence of a weight easy to spot. The edges are always pointed, and each die also has a serial number that is unique to the casino. When dice are thrown off the table and retrieved, it is common policy to immediately examine them to ensure that a switch has not been made. In most cases, the dice will be replaced with a new set just to be safe. To check for loaded dice try holding each die by the corners between two fingers with little pressure applied. Weighted sides will rollover repeatedly.