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Marked Cards and Invisible Ink Blacklight Pen

Nowadays, more and more people like to use invisible ink blacklight pen to write something important or secret down, because others cannot read the privacy easily by this way. At the poker game cheating, invisible ink black pen also can be used to mark markings on the regular playing cards as back marked cards.
In our company, we mainly using sophisticated poker cards printer machine to make marked juice cards, but sometimes invisible ink pen also be adopted. Works with our best invisible ink recipe, invisible blacklight pen can mark on plastic, wood, paper, clothes and so on. So using it to do back marked playing poker cards is very interesting and easy, no matter for plastic marked deck of cards, or paper magic marked cards. What is more, if you want to do your own DIY contact lenses marked poker deck of cards, this quality and magic invisible ink black light pen will be a good choice, the markings made up by this pen is invisible under the natural light as well as ultraviolet devices, so it is very safe to mark the drawings which stand for the points and suits of each playing cards on the back of the poker deck as you like freely.
If you are interested in this magic pen, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or Skype.