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Marked Cards Can Read By Normal Eyes

Marked cards is used more and more wide in the poker games, usually, we will mark invisible ink solution on the back of juice marked decks or print the hidden barcode on the sides of edged marked playing cards, all of them are cannot be read by people normal  eyes. However, the Chinese code marked cards is an extra which can be read by user normal eyes directly.
Based on the manufactured poker cards, we processed them via sophisticated technology as well as delicate printer machine. we mark an very small number which stands for the point of the cards, as the back pattern of the cards usually is colorful, so the mini marks is hardly be noticed by others. While if you are the user, you know the secret of them and get familiar with the markings, when in the poker cards games, you can read the number on the cards directly. Because the marks is very small, so maybe it is hard to see and distinguished for some people, so it is a good way that practising them more and get used of them. When in the poker games, you can use them freely.
If you want to have special markings on them, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to finish them as you required perfectly.