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Marked cards for sale

 Poker is an entertainment tool that know by all over the world and every household.
No matter whether the workers, peasants, students or government cadres are willing to spend their spare time playing poker cards games. In this case, if our successful performance skillfully identifies playing cards, "magic marked cards" will certainly be loved by the people.
How to make a successful marked cards magic trick show? Here is the point, to work with infrared marked playing cards. We can see back marks with the help of luminous ink contact lenses or marked cards glasses, to see through playing cards. Some people has the doubt, does it really work? Yes, there is no denying that has the perfect marked cards products.
How to mark a deck of cards? How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Here Miya also can tell you. You just need marking cards invisible ink and luminous ink kit, for example an invisible ink pen, or marked cards printer.
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