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Marked Cards Poker Analyzer Predictor

If you want to know the games results in poker matches, a great poker analyzer system is a helpful device which plays a poker cards games predictor for you.
Poker analyzer usually works with barcode marked cards which often be marked invisible ink barcode on the four sides of the manufactured playing cards by the sophisticated printer machine. During the games, the poker cards scanning camera will scan the barcode and send the signal to poker analyzer system to decode and calculate, then users can get the 100 percent accurate poker games outcomes. You can select various kinds of poker analyzer predictor in our company, such as AKK poker analyzer, CVK 350 all in one poker cards barcode scanning system, CVK 400 dual scanning camera lens poker winner predictor, K 30 all in one marked cards scanner system, K 20 marked cards poker analyzer calculator, MDA poker analyzer software, V68 poker hand analyzer, GPS marking decks poker analyzer app, poker analyzer Iphone, Samsung magic poker decks analyzer, PK king scanning analyzer and so on, they can work with various brands edged barcode marked decks.
In generally, each poker analyzer predictor can installed 3 kinds of poker games, and the PK king even can fill with 5 types poker cards games, if you are interested in any one of them, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.