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Luminous marked cards sungalsses

Marked cards sunglasses are the sunglasses produced especially for seeing marked cards. And the poker cards we called marked cards is the poker cards with invisible ink marks, and those marks only can be seen when wearing special infrared contact lenses, or our infrared sunglasses.

We can always see the magicians giving their magic show with poker cards in hands and wearing a pair of sunglasses, they may wear infrared sunglasses and use marked cards. Infrared sunglasses by GS can used in poker games to see the luminous marks on marked playing cards, or when you wearing our marked cards sunglasses in poker games, you can make sure if others use marked cheating cards by checking if there is any luminous marks on the cards.

We have been producing marked cards sunglasses for almost ten years and we are now selling three editions of infrared marked cards sunglasses, they are different in the outlook as well as the feelings. You can choose one edition or you can choose all of them and enjoy different feelings in the game.