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Marked Cards Winner Predictor Analyzer System

One of the most common questions beginner poker players ask is some variation of “What beats what?” For example:
I have Q♥ J♥, my opponent has K♥ 7♥, the board reads A♥ 9♥ 6♣ 4♦ 2♥. Who wins?
The answer, you’ll know once you’ve played poker for a little while, is pretty simple (Both players have a flush; Player 2 wins with an Ace-high flush).
If you’re just starting out in poker, though, scenarios like this can still be pretty confusing. That’s why we’ve built the ultimate hand-reading/argument settling poker tool.
Just enter your cards, your opponent’s cards and the cards on the board. The Which Hand Wins Calculator will instantly determine what your best five-card Texas Hold’em hand is and which player wins the pot.
If you’re ever played a poker home game you know this kind of situation - where people aren’t quite sure of the winner/hands in play - happens pretty often.
Get the PokerListings Which Hand Wins Calculator involved and you’ll solve the problem immediately.