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Marked Modiano Club Poker Cards With Contact Lenses

Among various kinds of playing cards, Modiano club poker received great praised for their outstanding performance, and it is a chance for us to process them as luminous contact lenses marked Modiano club playing cards for poker players to enjoy the poker cards games more.
Aiming to providing most professional Modiano club marked poker cards to customers, we have specialized a magic invisible ink recipe which in the top quality. Usually we will marked the luminous juice Modiano marked deck by marked cards printer or invisible ink pen in the middle of the manufactured Modiano club marked juiced poker cards with a big font, or small fonts in the four corners of the cards, if you have special idea of the markings, we also can customize them as your requirement. The markings on the magic Modiano club marked –cards is invisible under the nature light and only can be saw if you wearing our ultra luminous contact lenses or ultimate IR sunglasses.
We also can provide many kinds of other brands infrared luminous marked juice cards, if you are interested in them. Please contact us.