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Marked Playing Cards Dealing Trick

The most common way of cheating is by the use of sleight of hand. Sleight of hand means the use of manual dexterity to manipulate cards and deal cards from other than the top of the deck. The most common type of sleight in casino blackjack is the dealing of seconds, which means dealing the second card from the top of the deck while leaving the top card intact. Thus, what the dealer is doing (while he is adjusting his chips or paying players off, or while he is looking underneath his up card. when it is a ten or an ace to see whether he has a ten or an ace underneath) is moving the deck around at different angles, and it is on these occasions that he has a chance to crimp the top card and take a peek at it. Now, once he knows what -the top card is, he will know whether he needs to deal seconds or not in order to save himself the top card so that he will make his hand.
Most dealers who can deal seconds can also deal bottoms; that is dealing the card from the bottom of the deck. Many dealers can also deal thirds and fourths; that is, the third or fourth card from the top of the deck. In large and in small casinos, these sleight of hand dealers are so expert that it is impossible to detect when they are dealing seconds or cheating you in other ways. Therefore, do not waste your time trying to spot such cheating. Learn to detect. cheating in other ways.