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Marking Playing Cards With High-tech Printer

The marked poker cards are very useful and helpful for poker cheat games. If you want to know how to mark poker cards by yourself, we can offer you the high-tech printer that can help you mark poker cards easily. With this special printer, you can marking the unique marks by yourself. Here are some details in this article.
The high-tech printer is very excellent to mark any kind of poker cards like invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses reading, barcode marked cards to be read by poker analyze camera lens and back marked cards for spy camera. With high working efficiency, it is able to mark 60 decks in one hour. Even marked by this printer, those poker cards still have good hand fell and shape. The marks on the poker cards will stay a long time and they will not be erased easily, so you can use them for shuffling over and over again. With the high-tech printer to mark with mass production, you can mark any kind of card you want. By using the marked cards for your poker games, you will win a lot of money under your control.
There are many kinds of marked cards in our company. If you want to buy the high-tech printer, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!