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Marking Poker Cards For Pineapple

Crazy pineapple poker game is very popular in the world. Many people like to play Crazy pineapple poker games. How to win poker games? GS marked cards can help them. Our company dealing with barcode marked cards, back marked cards, edge marked cards, side marked cards, IR marked cards etc.
Using back marked cards to cheat at crazy pineapple poker games, you should choose one kind of marked cards contact lenses to match your back marked cards. If you choose one to one back marked cards, you also need to choose right contact lenses to match your marked cards. While not, you will have not a lot of chance to win in the casino games. Or if you choose barcode marked cards or edge marked cards or side marked cards, you need to have poker analyzer system, which includes poker analyzer, scanning camera, earphones and marked poker cards. The poker analyzer will predict the rank of all the poker players. 
Our marked cards can be not only used for crazy pineapple poker games but also for Texas Holdem and Omaha. If you are interesed in our product, why not have a try!