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Methods Of Cheating At Dice Games

There are two kinds of cheating in craps, low-tech and high-tech. Low-tech cheating is much more common because it is much easier to do. Watch for people hanging around the rails but not playing. People may try to steal your chips while you are involved in the game and not looking. Craps can be such a high action game that players often forget to keep an eye on their rail chips. Other cheats will try to collect your bets off the table. Since you are responsible for collecting your own winnings you must be sure to keep track of where your money lies on the craps table. Some players may also try to cheat the house by placing their bet after the decision has been made. This does not hurt you directly but it is not the kind of play you want to see at your craps table.
The other method of cheating is high-tech which involves the dice themselves. Some cheats will attempt to slip a pair of altered dice into the game. Loaded die are weighted down on one side to increase the odds of a certain number being rolled. Crooked dice will have certain sides rounded out and others left flat, again to increase the odds of a certain number. If you think you are playing with altered dice there are a few things you can do to check. Hold the sides of the two dice together in and turn them in a very methodical order. Rounded sides will not match up correctly causing the dice to wobble. To check for loaded dice try holding each die by the corners between two fingers with little pressure applied. Weighted sides will rollover repeatedly.