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Mini Earphone For Poker Scanner System

This kind of mini-earphone is widely used in the analyzer system to know the result from analyzer. When we put the electronic battery in, and the analyzer send the wireless result signal to it, we put the mini-earphone into ear, and we can do as the mini-earphone tells us to.
This is a kind of wireless device. You can put the analyzer within 50 cm far. The nearer the analyzer put toward the mini-earphone, the bigger the voice will be.So once you have put on it, you can control the volume level by change the distance.
The battery can last for more than 8hours. After use up, please change for a new one. When you do not use it, take out the battery case, to stop battery losing.This kind of mini-earphone is worse than earphone by yellow color on quality. If you choose, please take care. By the way, it is hard to find you have wear the earphone as it's mini specification.