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Modiano 2019 WSOP Marked Cards

Poker enthusiasts will love this 2019 World Series of Poker playing card set. These are the very same cards used by all WSOP players who participated in the tournament at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada. The same as the cards which Philadelphia Joe McKeehen used when he took home $7.6 million and the coveted bracelet at just 24 years of age. They are made from Modiano proprietary 100% platinum acetate plastic for superlative feel, play, and longevity. Seasoned players know that Modiano cards last longer, shuffle better, and deal so fluidly that you will never want to play with paper or vinyl cards ever again. Each double deck combo contains one red and one black WSOP deck in bridge size and regular index.
We can process Modiano WSOP playing cards as marked decks in various ways.
1. Contact lenses marked Modiano WSOP playing cards. It includes invisible ink marked cards and infrared back marked deck of cards. Our sophisticated technicians mark the suits and value of each piece of cards on their backsides. For the former one, you can read the points and value with our marked cards contact lenses or perspective infrared sunglasses. For the later, you need to read them with infrared poker scanner.
2. Edged barcode WSOP deck of cards. In the four edges of each piece of playing cards, there are invisible ink barcode was marked along the cards edge, only work with the poker predictor scanner can you read the barcode signal, what is more, it also can work with poker scanner and poker predictor to help you forecast the poker games results accurately and secretly.
All the markings can be customized, which kinds of cards do you prefer?