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Modiano Cristallo Invisible Ink Pen Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Experienced in marking playing cards, the marked cards we provided are picked 100% manufactured ones and all in top quality. And Modiano Cristallo is one of the best marked cards we supply.
We can process the Modiano Cristallo poker cards with playing cards marking ink which can be mark the different marks on marked deck cards and make them just look like normal card after processing . Modiano playing cards features 100% plastic, 4 PIP Jumbo Index, this card is very thick and textured. There are 8 colors for Modiano Cristallo playing cards: red, blue, brown, violet , light blue , dark blue, light green and dark green. No matter for what color, we can marking them with card marking ink in perfect.
These Modiano Cristallo marked cards only can be read by invisible ink pen contact lenses or luminous ink glasses.