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Modiano No.98 Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Modiano is a famous playing cards brand originated from Italy, they are used widely in various poker games because of the excellent quality. And Modiano No.98 is one of them. When processed No.98 cards with best invisible ink formula, they can be top quality marked cards for contact lenses.
The Modiano No. 98 marked playing cards are made with the specialized invisible ink recipe. There are concealable invisible ink markings on their backs while cannot found by people naked eyes. Working with the luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards can you see these juice marks clearly to know the point and value of each piece of Modaino No.98 invisible ink marked playing card. Of course, the perspective infrared marked cards sunglasses also a good choice for you to see these magic markings.
We also can mark other playing cards to be back magic marked playing cards, no matter for paper cards r plastic cards.