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Modiano Piacentice Italian Luminous Ink Poker

This deck of cards is an authentic deck of Italian playing cards. What is unusual is that a deck of Italian playing cards most commonly consist only 40 cards (4 suits from 1-7 and 3 face cards). The three face cards in each deck are the King, the Calvary man (Cavallo) and Infantry Man(Fante), except for the French region of Italy where a Queen instead of a Cavallo is used. Playing with Italian playing cards gives you a great opportunity to view a part of the Italian history.
Together with the cards you will receive a free set of instructions for the most popular games in Italy – Scopa and Briscola. Having this cards gives you the possibility to learn some new and really interesting games. The cards are available in two deck colors – red and blue. Both types are perfectly marked. Usually big marks are preferred and the letters and the numbers are placed in the middle.