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Monitoring System For Casino Gambling

Is there any way to know the poker faces of face-down poker cards in addition to wearing cheating contact lenses or sunglasses. Yes, there is! You can use our monitoring system cellphone.
Different from other cellphones for poker cheat, our monitoring system cellphone is not intended for analyzing poker results and its working partner is back marked cards instead of barcode marked cards. The back marked cards are specially made for this cellphone and their invisible marks can not be seen through other poker readers like infrared contact lenses.
We have installed the cellphone with a pinhole scanning camera and a special software. The camera can scan our specially made back marked cards quickly and accurately, and then the software will present the those invisible marks on the cellphone screen.
As a real HTC smart phone, it also can be used to make calls, send massages, play games etc. in daily life.
If you have an interest in our monitoring system cellphone, welcome to approach us for it! Don’t forget about our specially made back marked cards, which are very important for using our monitoring system cellphone in poker cheat!