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Multifunction Cards Analyzer With Digital Camera

Poker analyzer is an important part for poker cheating games. There are different poker analyzers and poker cameras in our company. Do you want to buy a suitable device to help you win money? Please know more about them in details. What Is Poker Analyzer?
Poker analyzer is for analyzing the barcode signal and then gives out the accurate game result. The user could know the accurate game result under the help of a mini earphone. So we will give you an example to know how it works in the following. After scanning barcode marked cards, the analyzer have received the wireless signal and then give out the “ClUB QUEEN” to show the ♣Q.
If you hear the"2", it means that the second player has the best hand on the table. While you hear the "4, 5", it means that the fourth player will have the best hand of the cards and the fifth player is the second best hand of the cards. It could work safely and accurately with Texas hold’em, Omaha and other poker games. But if you want to cheat at Baccarat with poker analyzer, it will let you know poker points or poker suits of each card directly. You will hear “Diamond FOUR”, “ClUB FIVE”, “Heart TEN” and others.