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Popular Sanding Ways To Cards Cheating

There are many method can be used to marked playing cards, and a new popular method of card cheating is known as sanding. As might be expected from the name, the primary tool used by those who cheat at cards in this manner is a small piece of sandpaper. This article is informational, and we do not intend to teach you how to cheat. But it pays off to know about these methods, as you might someday end up being the target of a cheating act.

It does not take much sandpaper to mark up cards; often those who do so are able to get away with it by coming to the game with one of their fingers wrapped in a bandage.

Beneath the bandage the cheater would have placed a tiny sliver of sandpaper, which would be utilized courtesy of a small slit. This used to be the standard method of sanding cards, but since today many players are immediately suspicious at the unusual sight of a bandage on just one finger, most card cheats today arrive with the sliver of sandpaper glued directly onto the finger. In this way, it is almost impossible for player to get caught actually marking up the cards.
But how does sanding actually work? What does the cheater do with the sandpaper and would not be noticed by other players. The most useful aspect of cheating by sanding cards is that only a few have to be marked up. Most of those who use sanding typically only mark up aces and deuces, giving them such a substantial edge that it becomes virtually unnecessary to mark any others.