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New Model Infrared Sunglasses

Our poker glasses mean you wont give away tells and provide vastly improved vision through our lenses unique brightening agent. Our poker glasses offer the best all-round support for long poker sessions or tournaments.
Royal poker glasses have been reviewed and are recommended by leading Poker magazines throughout the World. The poker glasses by Cards999 have been purposely developed to help brighten the room while providing complete shielding from any angle.
Dave Devilfish Ulliott has been quoted as saying that brand Royal poker glasses are without doubt the best poker glasses on the market. If you want to utilize glasses or sunglasses at the poker table, Royals poker sunglasses offer both great vision and shielding capabilities.
Royal Poker Glasses utilize a unique dual coated lens technology which has taken over 4 years of research and development to perfect. Our range of poker glasses provide maximum light transmission in low-lit conditions as well as complete shielding of the eyes.