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New Version AKK K4 Poker Hand Odds Calculator

Do you have to have magic ability to predict the accurate poker game result in advance? Do you want to make a beneficial bet each time? Playing cards games with our new version AKK K4 poker hand odds calculator!  It is an ultra all in one poker analyzer in market.
From appearance, you will find that it just a normal cell phone, and you can use it to do everything a normal mobile phone can do. However, it has magic power that can read and analysis the barcode playing cards in secret and speed. AKK K4 poker hand analyzer has a wireless remote controller, you can use it in various poker games, and during the games, you can use this remote controller to change the number of players, is it very convenient?
Importantly, unlike normal poker analyzer device, AKK K4 poker winner predictor is no need to be placed in the poker table, you can place it in your pocket when it is working.