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New Version Poker Scanning System Can See All The Cards Ranks Of Players In Screen

As a new computer playing cards system, this poker system can show you the order of all poker cards on the top of computer, and also can show you every card which are holding in all players hands and covering on the table, besides, it also shows you the rank of all players, that is, who is first winner, who is second winner, who is third winner, who is fifth winner and so on.
There are some material need to prepare before operate this magic background computer:
1.You have to use an extra playing cards scanning camera to scan the invisible ink barcodes marked deck of cards, such as mobile phone poker scanning software ( Samsung S4 playing cards reader, iPhone 6 playing cards spy lens, Nokia phone marked cards scanner), lighter scanning camera device, car key barcode marked playing cards scanning camera, chip tray poker predictor scanner, cigarette box playing cards scanner, floor-lamp poker scanner which the distance can be about 3 meters or 4 meters and so on.
2. A deck of luminous ink barcode marked deck of cards which can be read by playing cards scanner.
3. A quality poker analyzer to receive the signal from the playing cards scanning cameras, as after the cameras scanning the barcodes edges marked playing cards, the playing cards scanning cameras will deliver the signal to this poker analyzer receiver, so that this poker analyzer device will analyze the invisible ink barcodes and deliver the signal to the computer software.
4. A background playing cards computer analyzing system.
How poker analyzer send the signal to computer analyzer system? We need to insert a 2G Wi-Fi SIM card into this poker analyzer, and computer also need to connect with this 2G Wi-Fi, so that this poker analyzer will be able to send the results analyzed to the computer via 2g Wi-Fi. So that it does not have so much limitation for the transmitter from the poker analyzer to the background playing cards analyzer computer. You just need to think about the transmitter from the playing cards scanning camera to poker analyzersoftware, but you just need to keep both them within 3 meters is ok.
This magic playing cards analyzer system computer is suitable for various kinds of poker cards games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Pineapple game -- Chinese poker and so on.