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Observing your opponents is important in the poker game

When playing Texas Hold\\\'em, we should carefully observe your opponents. Observe how to play when they have a weak hand, when there is how to play a strong hand, how to speak, how to sit, what to see, how to put chips and so on tendencies.

A player\\\'s behavior leaked information in the hands of cards, known as "himself away." And similar disorders, we must not only be able to see the opponent\\\'s true features, but also to realize that if you showed your true features.

Before starting I must explain, for most amateurs are complete wrong to look leaked information. Have you seen the movie "Rounders" , the Teddy KGB eating Oreo, Matt Damon can guess the hand of Teddy only through this small action.

Of course, this is movie, it does not apply our real poker world.In most cases, it will appear contradict each other, is not continuous, and the information is incomplete, unable to support a playing.

So observe your opponent is important, even if you do not how to do at the beginning,you can try to learn. Perhaps a iPhone poker scanning camera can help you.