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Using omnipotent contact lenses to count cards marked with invisible ink

Is the omnipotent contact lenses really working?

For this question, I know the people who have heard the omnipotent contact lenses are very interested in them. Such a magical product, what the effect it will be?

In fact, it does not mean that you can see through everything after wearing this kind of omnipotent contact lenses. This high definition vision contact lenses makes a huge progress in perspective effect. Here are the advantage of this contact lenses.

The prominent feature of this ultra-clear contact lenses is its high concealment. According to the color of human eyes, we develop this omnipotent contact lenses for all different eyes, breaking through the single color of traditional poker cheating contact lenses. Whatever eyes color, not one can find any flaws when you wearing them.

This contact lenses need to working with marked playing cards. It can identify many kinds of marking cards with invisible ink. All the marked deck can be marked for the poker scanner and poker analyzer system.