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GS Omnipotent PK King S518 Poker Analyzer System to Read Barcode Marked Cards

PK King S518 poker analyzer is one of the powerful poker winner predictor among PK King poker result predictor series, unlike traditional poker scanning systems, PK King S518 poker analyzer device can put 5 games in it.
Based on CVK poker analyzer and AKK barcode scanning system, PK King S518 poker winner predictor makes great advantage improvements. The double scanning camera lenses make PK King S518 poker scanner system has larger scanning distance, they are inserted perfectly on the top right corner and bottom right corner. It has special new frequency point which is hardly be discovered by others, and the accurate game outcome will be report as an image display on background screen or sound passed by mini Bluetooth earpiece. If you are in games and want to adjust some settings, you can finish it via the secret remote controller easily.
PK King S518 poker analyzer device is a good device for you to win the poker cards games, because it is a real cell phone and you can use it to link WIFI as well as make phone call, so it is very safe to utilize in many occasions.