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Perspective Glasses for Seeing Invisible Ink Marked Cards

If you are interested in different poker games, which  poker cheating devices would you like to play? I will recommend you with Our invisible ink contact lenses which produced by a series of specific marked playing cards processing steps.
How to use magic invisible ink and glasses to see luminous invisible playing cards? How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen?
The perspective poker sunglasses for luminous playing cards are produced according to the principle of filter. Its appearance looks like normal sunglasses, so it is hard to be suspected by poker players when you play the poker card games. It is suitable for all kinds of IR and UV light, also works well under the energy-saving light. What’s more, it can help you to use invisible ink pen contact lenses to see the invisible playing cards clearly. Marking playing cards as luminous marked cards with invisible ink pen is a easy way. No matter which way you have adopt, the luminous marks are invisible to your naked eyes, only with our perspective glasses or infrared contact lenses.