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Perspective Ultra Sunglasses For Marked Poker Cards Games

There are many kinds of marked deck cards devices provided by our company can help you to play the poker cards games easier, most of them are very convenient to operate, just like our ultra perspective sunglasses.
As we know, the invisible marks on the back of marked deck cards made by special luminous invisible ink are cannot be read by people naked eyes, and this perspective sunglasses is specialized for poker players to read them. With this magic perspective sunglasses, you can read the invisible ink markings easily and know the number and suits of each cards directly, once get the information of the cards game you can make a different for its result. The perspective sunglasses is a real one and others is hard to notice its secret so it is very safe to use.
We have several types of perspective sunglasses match for different sorts of luminous contact lenses marked cards, welcome to visit our website or contact us for more information.