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Phone scanning cameras and self-control

As a senior player, I would like to share you some poker skills, but for this time, what I propose first is self-control.

All other skills are dependent on self-control. Waiting for a good hand, right opportunity, you must have self-control.

Self-control means that you will not take part in a game that you are the subdominant one. Self-control means whenever you have the ability to control the feelings and not let feelings "out of control."

How to develop your self-control? Always going to casinos is a sound idea, but it may cost a lot.

How about practicing by using phone scanning camera? It can be installed in Nokia, Blackberry, IPhone and HTC to scan the bar code, so that you know the result before the games, and you know how to bet.

When you get used to win poker games easily, you also get a peace mind. It is an advantage in real games.