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Piatnik 595 Red Marked Cards

Piatnik playing cards are originated from Austria, is one of the classical playing cards, Piatnik 595 red cards is one kinds of this series cards. Due to its ideal design for bridge, poker rummy and other poker card games, it is very popular by many people.
If you want to playing this quality Piatnik 595 poker cards with more interest, the red magic marked cards Piatnik 595 is highly recommended. We make this marked cards with the specialized invisible ink recipe and stringent marked cards printer machine with best marking cards technique, so the marked playing cards we provide are all in top quality and the invisible ink markings on the back of these Piatnik 595 marked deck are concealed and only with X ray lens, marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink glasses can you read them.
These red Piatnik 595 marked cards can be used in:
1. Private party
2. Magic show
3. Poker games
4. Entertainment