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Pineapple is a poker game. Some people say that the Russian poker. The game is suitable for 2, 3 or 4 players. Usually play with four people.
For Pineapple, it originally came by Chinese game, 13 cards.
We can use marked playing cards contact lenses or marked cards glasses that can see through playing cards.
In Addition, many clients will play this game with poker scanner system, to know the result directly.
Poker 13 cards (Pineapple)  rule 1: compare the number of 13 cards
52 cards, 13 each, the first pier three cards, then the pier, at the end of five cards each pier, head and head ratio, and the ratio, tail and tail than to win two or more piers for the win.
Order: Flush> bomb> hoist> flush> Junko> three pairs> two pairs > a pair > 5 leaflets
Poker 13 cards (Pineapple)  rule 2: Free swing 13 cards
On the same rules and the size ratio of 13, as long as there is a flush or a bomb, this family do not have to put card, this largest. If you have a number of simultaneously flush or a bomb, do not put cards directly Which is larger than the flush or bombs. Flush than the big bombs.